Dupe Alert! Whirl X Natural Creme

A few weeks ago I was going through my lip liners when I noticed two products that looked almost exactly the same. I mean I was surpris...

A few weeks ago I was going through my lip liners when I noticed two products that looked almost exactly the same. I mean I was surprised because at some point I couldn't even tell the difference. They are by no means exact dupes but they are close enough that I would consider them as dupes.

The two lip liners I'm talking about are the MAC Whirl and L.A. Girl lip pencil in Natural Creme. As you know, there is a huge price difference between the two but they are both known for their quality as well.


Like I said earlier, both lip liner have great quality but aside from that what differs one from the other?

Whirl became a cult favourite and uber-famous when it was said that its the exact lip liner that Kylie Jenner used on her lips. Yes, I'm talking about the "Kylie Jenner lips". Ever since she started posting photos of herself on instagram wearing a 90's brown-pink nude lip shade, every one and their momma went crazy and wanted to know what products she used. And when a fan said that Kylie was wearing Whirl from MAC with Velvet Teddy on top, the two lip products was suddenly sold out EVERYWHERE. 

I've had this lip liner for almost two years now and its consistency is slightly different from when I first bought it so I can't really compare it properly. Although, I do remember it being really creamy and smooth as when I was first applying it on my lips. As you can see from the photo above, they are not exactly the same colour. Whirl is lighter and a bit on the pink side. This baby retails for CAD$20 plus tax, of course.

Natural Creme is from the brand L.A. Girl which is known for their PRO Concealers and their affordable yet great quality products. You probably have heard of them or seen their products on instagram. Anyway, this particular product is really creamy and smooth that its so easy to apply. I'm really impressed with the quality since the price is much lower than Whirl. Natural Creme is more on the brown side thus a tad bit darker. I was actually surprised on how the photos came out because in person they really look the same. This retails for CAD$4.99 plus tax.

Even though there's a slight difference with the colours, they do both have the reddish undertone so that makes them similar. I really hope this dupe comparison helps those who are on a budget or if you just want to see if there's a dupe for one of the lipliners. I did a dupe post for Velvet Teddy if you are interested in that one too!

*side note: If you've wondered where I've been for the past month, I just took a much needed vacation from all things social media in sense that I was MIA for awhile. But now I'm back and things will go back to normal!

Have a blessed day!

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