Here are some questions about Jenine and/or her blog. If you have any more questions just ask at any of her blog post, social media accounts or at her contact page.

Did you change your blog name?
- Good eye! Yes, I did change my blog name. I used to be Jenuinity&Affinity which was a really cool name, but I noticed that its too long and not all could remember it. So after a good 8-9 months, I decided to change it to XOJENBEAUTY. I'm really happy with the name and its easier to remember now.

What camera and lighting do you use?
- Unfortunately, I don't have a DSLR or any good quality camera that I could use for my blog. For now, I use my Android phone, an HTC M8. And as for lighting, I just use my desk lamp from Ikea. I don't even know what its called.

What program or which website do you use for photo editing?
- Since I am still new to blogging, I just use picmonkey to edit my photos.

Where do you purchase or get your fonts?
- Most of the fonts I download are free or became free for a certain period of time. They're from dafont, 1001fonts and sometimes creative market. Fonts that are from dafont and 1001fonts are only for personal use. I don't get any income from using these and I don't sell them as well. Credits goes to authors who created them.

Who is your photographer?
- For anything fashion related, my youngest sister takes the photos and anything that is beauty related, I take the photos.

How old are you?

Where are you from?
- I live in Canada! Hello to my fellow Canadians!

What social media accounts do you have? (Follow me!)
- Google+

I want to do a collab with you or send you PR. How do I get in touch?
- First of all, THANK YOU for considering me for a collab or for wanting to send me PR packages! Secondly, you can send me an email regarding the collab or PR. Please don't forget to type in the subject line so that I could immediately see and read it. My information will be at the contact page.