OOTD: A Look For Less

Hello lovelies! I have another OOTD for you guys! Its surprising how I am writing another post when I can't even figure out a sched...

Hello lovelies!

I have another OOTD for you guys! Its surprising how I am writing another post when I can't even figure out a schedule yet. Anyhow, I wore this outfit yesterday and I thought, "Why not take pictures and post it on my blog?" So here we are with today's OOTD...

For today's outfit, I realized that I bought each of the items on sale! So I figured that I should write something about this to share it to you that fashion doesn't have to be expensive. It has to be about expressing yourself and finding your originality. BE YOU, okay? Okay.

If you read my first OOTD post which you can find here, the top that I am wearing on the photo is the white-coloured version of the gray one. I bought this from a store called Garage which you can find anywhere in Canada for only $10. So I was excited when I found it on the sale rack. I also wore a white tank underneath because the shirt is a bit sheer.

Now this is the exciting part! I found the shorts when I accompanied my friend to a store called Sirens. They were having a sale so I decided to look around to see if I could find anything I wanted to buy. I found them and they were on for 2 for $15 dollars. Basically the shorts were $7.50 each instead of $10 (I think). I just grabbed them a went straight to the register before I found something that I want to buy but don't really need. Haha.

And of course last but not the least, the slippers I was wearing. Nowadays, the Birkenstock style slippers are becoming a trend in which you can find any celebrity or girls from where I live wear them. You can find them anywhere now! The one I'm wearing costs only $7.50 instead of $14 a pair because they were on a promo for 2 for $15 at shop called Ardene. I actually went on a rage and bought 3 pairs of slippers and a sandal for all under $40. You cannot find things like that anywhere, believe me. The slippers are actually comfy because they have a softer material rather than the hard one. You actually have to option to buy the slipper with the hard material but I preferred the softer kind.

Trying to match the clothes was not difficult because the only one that was printed was my shorts. I opted to wear white instead of a dark colour in order to bring out the bright colours of my shorts. And instead of wearing closed toe shoes, I decided to wear slippers because its summer and I want to wear something comfortable and easy to slip on.

So how did you like today's OOTD? Tell me in the comments and see you next time! :)


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  1. Hey Jenine,
    Your blog is really lovely, congratulations!

    Anissa | www.sofreshsokeen.net

  2. Such a cute outfit, I esp. love the printed shorts! I'm not sure if we get that brand in the U.K. though. I love my Birkenstocks but those are a a really great bargain! I find the photo shoot thing so awkward, not sure I'll ever get used to it!

    1. Hi there! Thank you for reading! :) Don't worry... I find it awkward too. I'm not used to posing around in public. To be honest I don't know what I'm doing most of the time. But I will most definitely try to overcome the awkwardness in order to bring good photos. But for now, enjoy them! Haha. :) xo