Review: Carli Bybel Palette

This will be an exciting post because I will be reviewing the beautiful and gorgeous Carli Bybel Palette from BH Cosmetics. If you haven&...

This will be an exciting post because I will be reviewing the beautiful and gorgeous Carli Bybel Palette from BH Cosmetics. If you haven't heard about it yet then you must be living under a rock because this palette is one  of the sought after beauty products. It was sold out loads of times and restocked again because of how much people were wanting to buy it.

Product description from the website:

"Beauty expert and YouTube sensation Carli Bybel designed this versatile 14 Color Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette to dial up the drama and add excitement to your look. Carli's taste for chic refinement and modern elegance inspired her to select a collection of earthy neutrals and plummy brown shadows with four face highlighters that complement every skin tone. The mix of mattes and shimmers makes it easy to go from amped-up evening intensity to toned-down daytime options."

 Its honestly the most versatile palette ever! You can use any of the lighter shadows as a highlighter and the four bottom colours as eyeshadows. You can basically do whatever you want with it. And the colour selections are great because this palette is definitely beginner friendly. Why? Usually makeup beginners are leaning towards to neutral mauve and brown tones when they start using eyeshadows. That was true for me even until now. 

The swatches down below are taken under natural light and swatched by each row from left to right starting at the top of the palette.

The palette is crazy pigmented! You'll be wondering how this is only $20 (or if its on sale $12.50)? Not only that but each one of the shadows feel buttery smooth! Blending them on the lids are so easy to do because of it! Whenever I apply any of the colours on my face its blends on my skin perfectly! I absolutely love the highlighters because its so pigmented that ever since I got it, I use it more than my high-end ones.

 Of course not everything is perfect which means there are minor problems based on my experience.

  1. The matte shadows are a bit powdery and looks chalky at first when I swatched it on my finger. But that does not last because as you blend it out, it looks flawless and seamless on the skin.
  2. I find that the simmer shadows are quite a bit messy whenever I pick up the colours on my blending brush.

Like I said, those are minor only meaning it doesn't bother me at all. That was what I noticed, as I kept on using the palette. If you want to see how it looks like on my face you can check out my last few makeup tutorials. If you're still iffy on buying it here are some benefits and features of the palette (taken from the website):

  • Highlighting Powders Can Be Used for Face and Eyes
  • Vegan
  • Paraben Free
  • Non-Irritating
  • Allergy Tested
  • Clinically Tested
  • Cruelty Free Product

 You can watch this video of Carli, herself, swatching and talking about the palette!

If you have any more questions regarding the palette, comment down below! I hope this review helped you in deciding whether or not you should get it. But honestly, I think you should because its worth the money. Plus, I heard its limited edition so it won't be around that long.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Such a beautiful palette.