MOTD: Mauve-y Purple Glam Eye Look

If you're wondering why I'm posting on a Monday, that's because I am changing my schedule. I would elaborate more at the end of...

If you're wondering why I'm posting on a Monday, that's because I am changing my schedule. I would elaborate more at the end of this post so just keep on reading to see today's makeup look and my sort of announcement.

The eye look consist of mauve-y purple colours from the Tartelette palette. I was inspired to create something from that shade because of the new lipstick I got from Revlon. So let us begin!

Eye products used:

With primed eyelids, I mixed Natural Beauty, a mauve-y lavender shade, and Bestfriend, a darker mauve-y lavender shade, and applied on my crease area slightly extending towards my inner corner. I make sure that I apply generously but enough to have that colour peeking through when I apply a darker shade. I, then, create a V shape on the outer corner to have a diffused look. 

Now, I applied Bombshell, a dark purple with brown undertones, on the outer corner of my eye. I am doing the same V-shape technique but slightly smaller. I also applied that same colour on the inner corners of my eye (only apply on the top of the eyelids not the inner corner where you apply a highlighter). Make sure to tap off the excess before applying because dark colours are a bit more difficult to work with compared to lighter ones. And don't forget to blend a lot! My arms at this part were beginning to ache but I just had to blend to make it look flawless. If you notice that I didn't extend my brush towards the middle of my crease area and that's because I only want the dark purple on the outer and inner corner of my eye.

After blending profusely, I applied Natural Beauty on the centre of my lids. Then, I dipped my brush on the gold pigment colour from the Pixi Fairy Dust Favourites (now that's a mouthful!) and sprayed a bit of setting spray to get a more intense pigmentation before I applied it on top of Natural Beauty. I only tapped the colour instead of brushing it on my lids. Now, I went back to re-apply Natural Beauty, Bestfriend and Bombshell because I noticed that the colours were fading. In other words, I went back and forth with those three colours and the pigment until I was satisfied with how it looks.

To finish it off, I applied a bit of the Mary-Lou Manizer on my inner corners, mascara on both my upper and lower lashes, eyeliner and falsies!

Lip products used:

On my lips, I lined Soft Berry and applied Rose Velvet on top of it. I can't explain the colour of the lip liner but I think the name itself describes it perfectly. And the lipstick was such a steal at my local drugstore because I only paid C$3.99! Its a muted rosy red with grey undertones. I think that is the best way I could describe it.

I hope you find inspiration in this look! I am actually enjoying putting together makeup up looks for you guys. Expect more from me! Haha.

Anyways, regarding my posting schedule, I am changing it to every Mondays and Fridays. I find it more convenient that way. Also, I am shifting my blog more towards to beauty because I am more passionate about it than fashion. I will do OOTDs here and there but not weekly as before. I hope you like the change because I can't wait to do more beauty related things!

Have a blessed day!


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