August 2015 Favourites + Announcement!

Hey there lovelies! Wow! Can you guys believe it? It's already September! Summer is almost over and Fall is starting to sho...

Hey there lovelies!

Wow! Can you guys believe it? It's already September! Summer is almost over and Fall is starting to show in the leaves! I still can't get over how I am starting school exactly next week and I don't even have my books yet. Honestly, I'm too lazy to buy them so I am basically waiting for my first day of class before buying any school items. Anyhow, since August is over, I figured that I would share to you what my favourites were from makeup to skincare to even music. I've broken them down into categories so that none of you would get confuse or whatever.


Firstly, let me talk about the most wonderful bronzer that I FINALLY found at my local Walmart that took me years to find. And its, of course, the most coveted and talked about bronzer, the NYC Sunny Bronzer

I honestly have never used a product like this one where it even replaces my high end bronzers. Its very versatile where it could be used not only to bronze but also as an eyeshadow and a contour powder. For some reason, it fits every skin tone out there! I mean, I wouldn't personally know but based on many Beauty Youtubers of different colour who raves about this, I would definitely believe them all.

I should probably wrap this up because I might start reviewing it! Haha. But if you do want a review, comment down below so I would know! Anyhow, I just love this product. It gives me the most wonderful bronze and contour at the same time! YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY BUY THIS!

Aside from the bronzer, I have been loving the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. It really retains the curl of my lashes and it stays curled throughout the whole day while its volumized! Its actually amazing because no other mascara could do something like that to my lashes. So its a must have to your collection!

And lastly, I found a lip gloss that gives a medium coverage of colour to my lips while stays glossy the whole time and its the bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie in the shade Maverick. Its about 2 to 3 shades darker than my own lip colour and I love it for days when I don't feel like wearing lipstick and just want that "natural" lip look. I really love it because its not sticky a few seconds after applying which I love in a lipgloss. (note: a deluxe sample size is shown on the photo so don't be surprise when the actual size is different)


For the month of May, June and July, I have been loving the Lush Pink Dragonfruit lotion from Bath & Body Works. I am only featuring it in my August favourites because I still love it and its worthy of my rave! This lotion really smells so good that a few hours after application, my friends could smell it and compliment me of the scent. LITERALLY, even when I don't spray on cologne or perfume, people still think I wore some because of this lotion! Unfortunately, this is no longer available which kinda sucks because I should've bought more during the annual sale. But, I did find some being sold on amazon so click on the name to buy it! So go and buy it cause you need it in your life!! 

My last favourite for skincare is the Sephora Mud Mask. Girl, it has freakin' 5 stars on the Sephora website which means you should go get it because it replaces every single mud mask you have! Even before finding out about this, I've been wanting to try the Glam Glow mud mask but its so expensive like it retails for C$76. So I've never joined that bandwagon because I ain't got no time for that! But then, Amy Macedo, a Canadian Youtuber from Toronto, was raving about the Sephora one in her snapchat so that prompted me into buying and trying. I'm so glad I did because its the best one I have ever tried. It leaves my skin so fresh and clean. And its only C$24 so I jumped in that bandwagon instead.

Scents and Fragrances:

Okay this was also one of my favourites from May, June and July and its the Elizabeth and James Nirvana White. I really love this scent! I couldn't stop wearing it when there was still some in the bottle. I would definitely repurchase it again! I mean even if its expensive, its worth the investment but I might purchase the full bottle next time. I'm not going to attempt to describe the scent because I'm bad at it. So yeah go and try it!

And the last scent favourite goes to Bath & Body Wallflower Refill in Sparkling Pear Riesling. It just smells darn good and it spreads all throughout my room. So yeah..


It may seem random but the reason why this is in my favourites because I can't stop listening to Kelsea Ballerini! She is like Taylor Swift when she was still doing country music and I love it because I miss that era of Taylor. Go and listen to her! She is so good! My favourite songs from the album, First Time, would be "Dibs", "Peter Pan" and "Love Me Like You Mean It".

And there you go! I know the post seem to be long but really I want to describe how I felt with each of the favourites. This is actually my first favourites post and I might continue doing this cause its fun! 

Anyhow, also I am announcing that I finally have a mailing list where you can subscribe to! I will just be sending you an email once a week on a Saturday to update you what I posted on that week. I will be putting some announcements and news in that email as well. You can sign up at the side bar or there would be a pop up whenever you visit my website where you could sign up as well. So please sign up if you want to! Thank you for your support!

Have a blessed day!


*Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. The same goes for the photos unless stated otherwise. Also, I am in no way persuading you to buy each of the item. I just got excited so it only seemed that way.

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  1. That Lush body cream looks so good and it musts smell perfectly! :)

    1. It does! I really hope bath and body brings the line back cause its so good! :) Your blog is awesome by the way! :)