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Hey lovelies! Today is a wonderful day because its officially FALL! Yes, people that means fall makeup, warm sweet drinks, layers, l...

Hey lovelies!

Today is a wonderful day because its officially FALL! Yes, people that means fall makeup, warm sweet drinks, layers, layers and more layers! Right now, it doesn't feel like fall because looking outside my window its very sunny. But at least I could get some Vitamin D and maybe a little tan before I go pale (well, the palest I could go) during the next few months.

One of my favourites about the season is the makeup looks specifically the lips. I love me some Fall lip! I mean who doesn't? Dark, vampy lips, cranberry colours, mauvey-grey toned lips... I could go on and on about the different lip colours that everyone including their momma would start wearing.

If you're starting up with makeup and want to try the fall lip trend, you are in the right place! If you're already good with makeup and just want to have some lip colours suggestions, you are also in the right place! I would list and swatch for you lipsticks that I own and that my mom owns that I think I great for this season. In the collection, the shades range from light to dark so that you have options if you want a nude fall lip or that dark lip.

(note: I am not wearing any makeup so you are looking at my natural skin tone. And ignore the bad swatches. :P)

As you can see, the first four lip swatches look very light or natural on my lips. I think this will look great for those who have lighter skin tones because the colour will actually show on their lips. For those who are iffy about wearing dark colours, you could try these colour range too. I was there before so I understand some girls who do not feel comfortable with wearing darker colours like the swatches below.

These lip colours will look great on any Fall eye makeup looks because its very nude. You don't have to worry about whether they will match or not because of the brown-pinkish undertones (brownish eyeshadows are one of the usual Fall eye looks).

For those who love to wear dark lips during the Fall, I think this is more of your taste. I don't know why my skin looks slightly lighter. Just ignore the shifting lighting. Anyhow, these are the shades that I suggest would look good on light to medium skin tones. Pick any lip colour that has brown-reddish undertones or bluish-red undertones. These will look great with any neutral-brown eyeshadows or any you prefer.

If you have darker skintones, the first five shades would probably look like a nude lip colour to you. I suggest getting any dark berry toned lipsticks or a dark brown-red like the MAC Viva Glam III ("a muted brownish-plum") and the MAC HangUp ("deep berry"). I think those will look awesome on you! But if you wanna go darker than any of those, then don't be afraid to do so!

I will also include wrist swatches for you to see the actual colours of each lipsticks I am featuring.

Other lip products that I want to try for Fall are some Colour Pop Lippie Stix in Grunge, Lady, Tootsie, Brink, Pitch, Dalia and Creature. Other than being affordable and having good quality, the colours are so gorgeous for Fall!

Hopefully, you have some ideas on what lipstick shades you could buy for the Fall season. Or if you already have any lip products in these colours and were not sure whether they're Fall appropriate or not, I hope this helped you too! I am truly excited to show you a couple of eye makeup looks that would be coming in a few weeks. If you have any questions or more shade suggestions, comment down below!

Have a blessed day!


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own and the products were bought from my own money including my mom's.

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