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L.A. Girl cosmetics is a brand that's fairly new to me in a sense that I just recently started trying out their products. I've se...

L.A. Girl cosmetics is a brand that's fairly new to me in a sense that I just recently started trying out their products. I've seen this going around my instagram feed for awhile, but I've never seem to find it anywhere in Canada. However, I was able to find a store that sells their product a few months ago! This specific blush collection in SPICE is always sold out! So when it was finally in stock a week and a half ago, I immediately bought it.

The colours are really pigmented and smooth. Its really easy to apply and work with. I've used this all the time since I've bought it and the bronzer and blush are the bomb dot com! There were times where I accidentally applied a bit too much bronzer because c'mon it happens. Anyways, I was worried that it may look ashy and it would be hard to blend out. NO. That did not happen at all! I was able to blend it out and contribute the bronzer up to my temples and some on my jawline. I was really and still am impressed!

The blush colours are sooo pigmented that a little bit goes a long way. Mostly the darkest blush colour gives me a really super flushed look so I have to lightly dab it on the pan and still tap off the excess. The lightest blush is my favourite because it looks really natural on my skin tone. I seriously wear all the time!

The highlight is really good too. It gives a more natural highlight from within look instead of that beaming light that everyone and their momma seems to rock right now. I do notice that overtime, it blends into my skin which makes it more natural than it already is the first time. However, if you want that intense highlight with this, I suggest spritzing on water or setting spray before applying on the face.

This retails for about CAD$12 and USD$9 which is super affordable for 2 blush colours, 1 bronzer and 1 highlight. Based on the colours I saw in store, I could say that SPICE is the most universal out of the four collection. What I mean by that, most skin tones if not all could wear the colours in this collection. So in other words, its deeper skin tone friendly. I am medium to olive skin tone but I do have some light areas on my body and I'm able to use this. If you want a more in depth review for deeper skin tones of this blush collection, I found this blog post by The Style and Beauty Doctor where she swatched and reviewed the entire range.

Hope you found this helpful! If you have anymore questions or if you have tried this before, comment down below!

Have a blessed day!

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